Over the last 15 years (ok almost 20), we’ve worked at some fast-growing B2B startups (Asana, Box, Intercom, Carta, etc). Since starting MKT1 in 2020, we’ve invested in over 50 companies, taught 1000s of marketers and founders in our workshops, and had millions of views of our content. We love helping marketers and founders become better marketers, and that’s what this newsletter is all about.

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What we write about

We share our opinions on all things B2B startup marketing, create marketing frameworks, and provide actionable advice. We’re developing the MKT1 Method for running modern startup marketing teams and writing about it along the way.

Some of our popular frameworks and posts include:
Fuel & Engine
Marketing Advantages
Positioning -> Homepage Copy
Marketing Org Chart & Growth Marketing Org Chart


“Market one” is Emily Kramer and Kathleen Estreich. We help early & growth SaaS startups build marketing. But really, we market marketing.

We do a few things things at MKT1:

  1. Invest in B2B startups and help them build marketing through MKT1 Capital.

  2. Write, teach, talk about marketing. Find our events here.

  3. Match marketing talent to startups: We help marketers and early & growth stage startups find each other through our job board, candidate help, and recruiting consulting to startups.

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B2B startup marketing advice and guides from Emily Kramer & Kathleen Estreich, former marketing leaders at Asana, Box, Intercom, Carta, & Scalyr and co-founders of MKT1 Capital.


I help startups build effective B2B marketing functions. I'm the co-founder of MKT1 & MKT1 Capital, and previously built and led the marketing teams at Asana and Carta.
Kathleen is a co-founder of MKT1 and MKT1 Captial where she helps startups build effective B2B marketing functions. Previously, Kathleen led marketing and ops teams at Facebook, Box, Intercom, and Scalyr (acquired by SentinelOne).