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VIDEO: MKT1 Chat - Designing & managing your website

With Ashley Kemper, Jess Strelioff & Emily Kramer from the early Asana website & marketing team. Recording from a live chat in December 2022.

Just edited a video from a great chat I had as a bonus session of my website conversion course in December 2022. I’ll be working through a backlog of a handful of video chats from this past year and posting full videos and transcripts for paid subscribers only. This video is also available on Descript.

In this video, I chatted with 2 former teammates from Asana on web design and management, agency selection, Webflow, and more. If you are at an early or growth stage B2B startup thinking about hiring a design agency, updating your website, getting started on marketing take a listen (or read the transcript).


Ashley Kemper - Former Head of Website and Acquisition at Asana; currently Vice President of Marketing at early-stage startup, Hypercomply

Jess Strelioff - Former Brand Designer at Asana, Currently founder of brand design studio, Strelioff & Co.

Me, Emily Kramer - Former Head of Marketing at Asana from early 2013 to late 2016

The full video is for paid subscribers

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