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Jenny Thai & Emily Kramer on content strategy

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Jenny Thai & Emily Kramer on content strategy

Recording of a recent casual, live chat for the MKT1 community with Jenny, Head of Content & Comms at Clearbit, Ex Asana


  • What’s content splattergy? Why should you avoid it? (2:54)

  • What’s a content altitude? (6:05)

  • Why Michelin, USPS, and Taco Bell are content marketing renegades (23:47)

  • What’s a content b-side, and why should you make them? (21:46)

Mentioned in this recording

This was a Zoom recording with a live audience, some people forgot to mute early on. Apologies on the “production” quality, just getting started recording these talks and need to up my game. I also speak at 1.5x speed naturally, so working on that too 😊

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