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Contractors and agencies aren’t bandaids for all of your marketing problems. I often see startups waste more money cycling through contractors and…
VIDEO: MKT1 Chat - Designing & managing your website Watch now (39 min) | With Ashley Kemper, Jess Strelioff & Emily Kramer from the early Asana website & marketing team. Recording from a live chat in…
How to access MKT1 Template LibraryRelevant templates for paid subscribers are linked to at the bottom of each newsletter. Here’s a library with a link to all templates.
What does B2B marketing do? And how can marketing make your sales team and revenue growth more efficient?
How to plan for content distribution upfront and get more impact out of your content. Includes examples of content distribution ideas, how to create…
Jenny Thai & Emily Kramer on content strategyListen now (41 min) | Recording of a recent casual, live chat for the MKT1 community with Jenny, Head of Content & Comms at Clearbit, Ex Asana
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